Emmanuel and I originally had planned on making 100 square foot grids and searching the area for 30 mins and then counting the amount of petrified wood found in that area. Once our data was collected we were going to compare the amount of wood found in the Chinlee and shinarump. Once we got there we realized that there is no way anyone could every count that many pieces of wood. So we decided to rank the abundances found in each grid system. The abundances we found corresponded with our sources we found. The most abundant areas were located in the petrified forest of the chinlee formation and they declined as we worked our way down in to the shinarump. We also found a lot of wood in the Tallus which likely got washed down from the shinarump. We really did not actually find hardly any wood embedded in the shinarump


Cocodrie…Fishing not geology

I went on a fishing trip this past weekend in Cocodrie LA (where we will be going for the first week of field camp). It was really crazy to see all the marsh and the “sinking lands” that we learned about in sed pet. I will post some pictures later when I have a chance to upload them from my camera.

Petrified Wood results

Emmanuel and I petrified wood project did not go quite as we expected. I was expecting to find maybe 3-10 pieces of wood in each grid system that we searched. It turned out there was hundreds of pieces of petrified wood in some places and it was just too many to sort through and count. Therefor we had to change up our project a little bit. Instead of counting the wood we are just comparing the abundances in each formation.

Lee’s Ferry Project

Emmanuel and I have decided on 100ft square grids with a time limit of 30 mins per grid. This may change once we arrive at lee’s ferry depending on how much petrified wood we are finding. I’m really looking forward to the trip… almost one week away!!!


My partner (Emmanuel) and I have come up with our methodology for our petrified wood project.

Problem: Where is the most petrified wood located?

Test Subject: variation of petrified wood

Test Group: Emmanuel and I

Experiment: Emmanuel and I will be searching for petrified wood in a marked grid under a time constraint.

Controls: Time, topography, grid, cover/vegetation.

The procedures we will be taken to conduct our experiment in the field will start with marking 8 grids on a map of lees ferry, set the grids up in the field, collect samples from each grid under a certain, then document our findings on a prepared excel sheet.

After we are done collecting and recording our data we will compare the sizes and quantities of petrified wood found per location.

We are still trying to figure out the size of our grids along with the amount of time per grid. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Final Project

My partner (Emmanuel) and I have chosen research on the locations of petrified wood in Lees Ferry. We are going to see how many samples we can find in 2 hours mark on a map where we found them along with the different sizes of the samples. We still have a lot of work and research to do before the trip. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!